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At PAZA, our programs and projects are our vision for the future

Indigenous Programs

Our programs are designed to empower Native American Communities to return to their knowledge of tradtional ways to enable self-sufficency as well as claiming their own unique vocie of sovergnity in a modern world.

Walk Mother Earth5.jpg

Walk with Mother Earth

Our initiative called Walk with Mother Earth highlights Native Americans as the first stewards of the land and seek to include their wisdom and knowledge in the process of restoring balance to Our Mother Earth. PAZA will create partnerships with other nonprofit organizations who are dedicated to healing the earth, protecting the environment, replenishing the forests and creating sustainable living in all forms.  We actively co-partner in events and workshops that celebrate the environment, conservation and sustainable living with the added perspective of the First Nations, so we can begin to understand how to walk in harmony with Nature and all living things.

Building Bridges

PAZA is dedicated to building a bridge between indigenous and non-indigenous cultures through cultural exchange in Arts and Education, and through acts of healing and reconciliation

Small Group Events

Native American

Healing Circle

Small Group 5-12 People

Outdoor Setting preferred

but can accomodate

Song & Prayer to the Four Directions

Offering of Scared Herbs


Prayers Ties - Offering/Release


Group Discussion (if desired)

Program Fee: $25 per person

Blanket Exercise.jpg

Loss of Turtle Island

Reconciliation Circle

Recommended for participants

12 and older

Based on the Kairos CANADA Program, the Blanket Exercise is an 90 minute interactive workshop that presents an opportunity for participants to experience the "Loss of Turtle Island" through the eyes of our indigenous relatives as European settlers took over their land.  It is a powerful, physical exercise that promotes discussion between Natives and Non-Natives as a mean of truth, healing and reconcilation.

Inipi Sweat Lodge

Learn about this healing ceremony, sacred to the indigenous people of North America (Turtle Island), how it was used in ancestrial times and how it is use in modern day.  We will come together to share the wisdom, bless the stones, kindle the fire, create prayer ties and experience the physical, mental and spiritual cleansing ritual known as Inipi; Native American Sweat Lodge.  Afterward we will share a pot luck meal brought by participants.  We will hold Inipi four times a year with the change of Season (March, May, September and November.  Check our Calendar of Events for details.

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