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"PAZA is a word I was taught by my Elders.  It is an old word in the Lakota language that means Tree, but not any Tree, PAZA is the Sundance Tree--the Tree of Life.  PAZA's roots connect us to Unci Maka (Mother Earth) and all that lives above, below and within her. PAZA connects us to our Ancestors and the Creator of all things. But most important ... PAZA connects us to each other. That is what the old ones say."                                                                                        ~ Delwin Elk Bear Fiddler, Hehakapa Mahto ~


From our humble beginnings of Education through the Arts and Community Service Projects, PAZA, Tree of Life continues to evolve and grow as a Native American Support organization and Nonprofit.  Amid the COVID-19 Pandamic, we worked with our Turtle Island United partners to supply humanitarian aide to many reservations that were locked down for nearly two year. Now, as we begin to come out of the depths of this crisis, PAZA continues to support those who are still struggling on a case by case basis.

In these challenging times, we strive to support our relatives and empower their own healing through reclaimation and a return to their traditional knowledge base. 

Beyond this, we move forward with our mission and vision to inspire eduction, healing and unity for  generations to come.

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