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Board of Directors

 The PAZA, Tree of Life is a Native-led Board of Directors.   

Board Member

Lori Yoho Chasealone

Lori Yoho Chasealone is the Director of Operations for Southdown Indian Mountain Healing, a 501c3 support organization that she helped to create with her husband, Marty, through the donation of land from the Boulder County Parks and Open Space Land Use Department. Lori graduated with an Associate Degree Veterinary Technician 1975. As a lifelong horse woman, Lori worked under two professional horse trainers for 15 years and developed an Equine Communication Program to improve the quality of life for horses and people. Lori is hopeful that as the nonprofit organization grows, she will be able to incorporate her Equine Program into the healing vision of Southdown Indian Mountain. Lori adopted and raised two beautiful Asian daughters before making her home in Colorado with her husband, Marty and his daughter, Carmen. Lori enjoys the outdoors, animals, music and reading.

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Board Member

Oglala Sioux Nation

Pine Ridge, South Dakota

Marty Chasealone

Marty Chasealone is the Founder/Executive Director of Southdown Indian Mountain Healing, a Colorado based 501c3 Nonprofit support organization. In conjunction with Boulder County Parks and Open Space Land Use Department, Marty won a bid to develop Southdown Indian Mountain into an indigenous place of healing, with the land being designated to be used for Native American Ceremonies. Marty is the great grandson of Holy Man, Nicholas Black Elk (Black Elk Speaks by John Neihardt) and grandson of Lakota Medicine Man Mark Big Road, a direct descendant of 1868 Treaty signer, Chief Red Cloud. Marty is a veteran who served in the United States Army from 1978-1985 as a Combat Engineer Sergeant. He also served as Law Enforcement Officer on the Pine Ridge Reservation and studied both Indian Tribal Law and Colorado State Law. Marty served as Board President for 15 years for The C.A.N.A Organization (Caring Association for Native Americans) providing families and individuals with food, shelter and clothing while their family members were receiving medical care and treatment in the Denver Area. Marty currently lives in Colorado with his wife Lori and his daughter, Carmen.

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