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Medicine Wheel Garden

The purpose of the Indigenous Medicine Wheel Garden is one of awareness, education, and conservation. Native Americans being the original people of North America (Turtle Island) worked closely with the Earth in many aspects. The Medicine Wheel Garden was dedicated on October 29, 2022 at Hugh Moore Park in Easton, Pennsylvannia. The Medicine Wheel itself is 21 feet in diameter with four boulders, representing the four directions. It sits directly between two Cottonwood trees which are deemed sacred by our indigenous relatives, as they have been used for decades in the "Sundance Ceremony". At the center, is placed a “Peace Pole", to represent the different cultures around the world. It proclaims a resounding message: “May Peace Prevail on Earth", in eight different languages. The Indigenous people associate the four colors of Red, Yellow, Black and White with all races of humanity. These colors will be represented in the four quadrants of the garden through native plants that bare those colors, but also have medicinal/herbal qualities. The final element is the "Red Road Path" that leads from the park trail to the garden. The "Red Road" is considered the spiritual path in life. This element was important to include as it connects us to the Creator of All things. Permanent signage is being installed at the Red Road Path as well at the Entrance of the Medicine Wheel Circle this spring. We hope that this public symbol will awaken and revive the practices of Culture, Community & Conservation within our world and help us to once again realign ourselves with Mother Earth.

Grandmother Unity
"Unci Owanzila"

Great Grandmother is a 56” tall x 30” wide x 29” deep stainless steel (prototype) sculpture. She is a Native American Elder that represents the reunification of the four colors of humanity Red, Yellow, Black & White. Her mission lies in her name: Grandmother who Brings Together” or in the Lakota language: "Unci Owanzila" Native American Metal Sculptor, Gene “ Ironman” Smith of the Choctaw and Lakota Nations, brought the concept drawings and visions of artist, Robert Christopher to life. Unci Owanzila leads us towards becoming the Rainbow Warrirors depeicted in the prophecy of Cheif Crazy Horse: "I see a time of seven generations when the colors of Mankind will gather under the Sacred Tree of Life and the whole Earth will become One Circle again." PAZA aspires to create a Unity Rising Campaign through out our region, asking schools, businesses and organizations to participate in creating educational components, cultural awarness with cultural exchange, Diversity and Inclusion models and an Annual Unity Festival where cultures can be come together to be shared and celebrated.


Broken Hand Productions and PAZA Tree of Life Unite on a Journey of Love ...


Southdown Indian Mountain Healing
501c3 Nonprofit Support Organization
Boulder County, Colorado

Southdown Indian Mountain Healing's mission is empowering individuals and communities through Native American spiritual and cultural teachings. Their vision is to give youth and adults the opportunity to learn Native American culture through the teaching of classes based on the history and way of life of all Native American Nations. In the winter of 2021, members of PAZA and Indian Mountain connected during a Christmas Giveaway at the Sisseton Wahpeton Nation in South Dakota. We quickly realized our organizations had much in common in our missions to unite and empower Native and Non-Native communities through the practice of indigienous ceremonies and cultural teachings so we began to explore ways we can support each other achieve our goals. It has been a beautiful ongoing journey. Our two organizations are in the process of creating cross-over programs that can enrich and support both our communities and all our relatives across Turtle Island.


Without Arrows, PBS Documentary Film

John Olshefski, a film professor from Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey, approched Delwin Fiddler in 2008 to tell the story of his life on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation in South Dakota. His raw footage tells the story of Delwin's his impoverished life on the reserveration to being a Boarding School survior to creating Native Nations Dance Theater in Philadelphia, PA, followed by a tour around the world, and performing for two U.S. Presidents and the Royals in England. Their relationship and the filming of this documentary has spanned 15 years of friendship, the death of Delwin's father, the birth of Delwin's daughter, Kassi and multiple trips back and forth to the reservation to chronicle the life of this one Native Indian man's journey. The documentary wrapped up filming in 2022 and it is currently in post-production. We anticipate the marketing and release of this powerful documentary some time toward the end of 2024. This inspiring 90 minute film will show how one man's story can easily be every man's story.

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