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Our Mission

Our mission is to support the Indigenous people of Turtle Island in reclaiming ancestral knowledge and bring forth this wisdom to a world in need of reunification.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring people from all walks of life together in common cause to learn to live in harmony with one another and Mother Earth.

PAZA as a Support Organization

From our humble beginnings in Arts and Eduction and Community Service Projects, to our Native COVID19 Humanitarian Relief Campagin that assisted reservations during the Covid-19 lock downs, PAZA, Tree of Life continues to evolve and grow as a Native American Support organization in a post-pandemic world. In addition to our non-profit mission work, we partner with and support the work of individuals and organizations who stand in solidarity with our indigenous relatives as they reclaim their traditional roots.  ​ PAZA supports work in Native Language and Cultural Preservation, Veterans Healing, Elder Care, Lank Back Efforts, Food Sovereignty, Historical Truth, Mental Health, Wellness and Sobriety, Suicide Provention, Every Child Matters (Boarding School Crisis), MMIW (Missing Murdered Indigenous Women/People) and Emergency/Humanitarian Aid (when needed). PAZA remains humbled by this work in service to our First Nations people and seeks to rekindle hope for future generations to thrive.

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