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2021 Day of Healing - Bear Butte, SD

In the summer of 2021, as Covid restrictions began to relax for the first time in a year, PAZA brought together relatives from various tribes across Turtle Island to a healing gathering of Nations in the Sacred Hills of South Dakota. With the help of our partners, through the Turtle Island United Initiative, we traveled to Bear Butte, South Dakota, and sponsored a Day of Healing.  We shared prayers, songs, activities, food, music and dance from every tribal culture.  We blessed the ground and planted pine tree saplings to replenish tree life on the mountain. We held a naming ceremony for a young man striving to return to the roots of his culture.  We exchanged incredible conversation with the tribal elders who shared their wisdom and knowledge with us.  We ended the day with a huge giveaway of donated items we had brought with us from the East Coast.  From Sun up until Sun down it was a day blessed by the Creator. 

For some who continued on with us, from there we visited the sacred sites of Wounded Knee, Little Big Horn, Devil's Tower, Pipestone and the Reconciliation Park/Dakota 38 Memorial.  It was a scared journey that began the long work of healing and reconciliation with our First People. 

We are grateful to all our relatives who came to the table; Lakota, Dakota and Nakota of the Great Sioux, Cheyenne, Chocktow, Dine and Hopi. Wopila Tanka.

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