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A Plea for Love . . .

My name is PAZA Wichapi Wichasa (Star Tree Man), and

I stand before you today with a message that is not a new one, but one that still must be repeatedly spoken. This message has been spoken, lived and died for from the beginning of time, by every highly evolved individual and those creatures that walk alongside us on this Earth. Throughout this physical plane with all of our differences we share this common state of being, one that removes all boundaries, heals the most severe of afflictions and forms an unexplainable bond, we as humans uniquely possess. We are all familiar with this perpetual message, a simple and soft word, but one that is so powerful it can send us into a state of bliss or a dark abyss we never want to awaken from. I want to reacquaint you with the only cure for the current state humanity has willfully chosen, the antidote for this illness can only be Love.

When spoken into a glass of water the vibrations of said word is absorbed into each molecule, when it is then frozen and observed under a microscope what can be seen is its physical manifestation, a delicate, creation of beauty in crystalline form. The Human body is composed of between 60-65% water, can you imagine when the vibration of the spoken word of Love is conveyed to another human being, an animal, or a plant, what must radiate through us is something we cannot logically explain, but it is real. Water is memory, we are water, and Love is a source of nourishment we must have to live in ease.

This is Humanity’s answer to all of our obstacles, the one we are always seeking, for when we ask, “ What will it take to achieve Peace? ” we already have the answer, yet we do not accept it, we have no faith in it, we do not act on it, yet it is Love. The source of each and every individual’s problem in life is the lack of Love, whether we are deprived of hearing it, we are not shown it, we do not feel it, the human spirit cannot thrive in a state of ease if we lack Love.

I am here as a servant, an undying force that is within me, one I cannot dim, it speaks with determination and urgency and has awakened within me the need to speak, something I am not fond of and have always feared, but the importance of this message is so powerful it has outweighed my personal deficiencies. I plead with each and every one of you at this moment in time, a time when Humanity must make a crucial turn on our evolutionary path, to spread this message in every direction, across the land, the winds, the waters and the air, you must be as the rays of the morning light, racing out and over the horizon, the birth of a new day. But before you can offer Love to the world, you must first have great self- love, we cannot reflect outward what we do not have within us. You must sit in the quiet of your sacred space, whether it is in the forest, on a beach, high in the mountains, or the security of your home, go deep within your very being, the source of your spirit and peel back each layer until you reveal what it is you need to overcome. This is not a quick fix but a process, if you have committed to it, your journey has already begun. Healing is a lifelong process you will feel the changes and with those changes you will start to reflect this true self outward to others, these reflections are the Love you feel compelled to share, as now it becomes your obligation to heal others. As you continue to heal your vibrational state of Love elevates, your purpose transitions into one of service and not of self, a mission you cannot ignore, every waking moment this feeling of Love you desire to share, is for everyone and everything, you cannot contain it, it permeates through your very being, it is an eternal fire that cannot be extinguished, it will bring tears to your eyes, but those not of sadness, because it is rooted within your Heart and will manifest into a natural state of your own personal Eden. As the door opens to this state of Love, be aware, at first you will start to lose those who you once called friends, they do not like the “new you” they do not understand this change, they grow fearful and with this fear they alienate you and they themselves are held back in a world that is crumbling. As you stay steadfast, one by one, you start to attract those like yourself this is because your vibration of Love is drawing in a new Tribe.

If we, the Human race are to continue, if we want this gift of Earth we have been presented with, a responsibility, that is so great, one of stewardship, to all her creatures, plant life, minerals and her breath, we must evolve away from these feelings of separation selfishness, we must transition into the Heart, Unity and balance, we must act on this right now.

Centuries have now past where man has chosen Pride, Power, Greed and every variation of the dark side of human nature, it has not proven successful. With our constant taking we have created imbalance through every aspect of life on this planet including Earth herself. Chronic imbalance transmutes from ease into dis ease, again, Love is the universal cure, so by living in a state of Love we will reset all of life back into Harmony.

Humanity has lost their natural way, we are no longer physically connected to Earth, we have become disconnected spiritually, the Divine Creator has become a myth and we laugh at its existence or are mocked for believing. Instead we have created a new god, technology, not to say it is not helpful in our new modern lives, but like everything there must be limitations. When we start to idolize this technology, and cannot imagine one moment without it, we forget what it means to be human, to be social, express emotions, we then have lost our humanity and this desire has consumed our natural characteristics of what makes us human. When this long term disconnect continues history has proven a great extinction will follow, there have been three worlds preceding us, we are living in the fourth, do we continue to walk along this dark path with an undeniable fate or do we make the conscious decision to break the chain of pasts civilizations?

You may currently not know of or understand another way than your current life situation but if we do not put forth the effort to change, then you are accepting failure, not only for yourself but for every human being, every living creature, for we are all intertwined as the roots of trees within the forest, we are all one network. It is said that if only 3% of humanity can reach an elevated level of consciousness this state of awareness will spread quickly to the other 97%, because we are connected. Our thoughts are powerful, intentional seeds that when planted, root into the collective mind of humanity.

You must ask yourself, who am I? What am I? Why am I here and why now? Why should I even care? This is why, because we all contain within us, great power, power we have been told does not exist, power we have been denied so that we are made to feel weak, afraid and dependent. We have been taught we should rely on the external world, and only that which we can see is reality, we are convinced we will be protected, provided for, watched over, because we are not capable. The few have gained from us, fear has been their mechanism, a powerful tool but only to those who do not ask themselves the questions I have just posed. These few have chosen a life that is a defective state of the human spirit, we must now go back, back to a state we were designed to exist in, connected to the Spirit.

I do not have all the answers, I too, am still on a journey, who am I? I am no one and I am everyone, I am imperfect and I am perfect, a reflection of each and everyone one of you, I am compassion, I am aware, I am intelligent consciousness, I am the roots of the trees beneath your feet and the air the trees provide for you, I am the filter of all that you cannot digest and the eyes of an innocent creature looking back into your eyes with unconditional Love. I am in control and I am chaos, I am the darkness in the remote places of the North and the soothing warmth of the summer sun on the beaches down under, I am you and you are me, we are all One, just variations, splinters of light cast out in every direction until settling in a place where we then exist and experience together.

I leave you with this and ask you, what are our options? What have we already tried and has not worked? What are you willing to lose by not choosing Love? Today, on the 2nd day in the month of March in the year 2022, I asked myself, what possessed me to compose this plea? I was driven to write down these words because there are no more options, the time is now and we are at a crossroads. We are standing at the gate of the bridge that will lead us safely back to the way we used to be.

I know that Love is the only remedy for this illness Humanity suffers from, I see, feel and am tormented by their pain, I understand why the pain exists and I now understand why I feel all the pain. I guess in trying to offer a hand in helping to preserve humanity, I am also preserving myself, but then my spirit has always thrived on giving, It is inscribed deep within my DNA and as much as I know this so do others and some that will always try to prey on it.

The source of all life began with the Light, but it chose to splinter itself, into every imaginable color, we are those colors. It is told by Native Americans, a time will come when the Earth is dying, the waters are poisoned, the soil dead, the air toxic, but then a new people will arrive, they will be called the Warriors of the Rainbow, that time is now, we are here. Humanity has a choice, set fear aside, have faith in something that is not of this Earth, the source of all things is within you, chose Love, raise your vibration, feel it resonate and be the reason this beautiful planet we call Earth can live on. Offer your hand in Love, hold it tight, spread it to others and watch it illuminate, like the Morning Light.

The Star Tree, passing the Earth for a short time.

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