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Broken Hand Productions and PAZA Tree of Life Unite on a Journey of Love

The path each of us walks is magnificent! Yes, there are ups-and-downs, losses and successes, excitement and disappointment. But that is life, and if we keep the faith, embrace the dream in our heart, claim the vision that was gifted to us and walk toward the light, even if it’s just

a pin hole – then some pretty remarkable miracles begin to happen...

Initially, we were introduced by a mutual friend, and visionary, Blaine Ginther. Through Blaine’s creativity and belief in all our efforts, PAZA Tree of Life so graciously has committed to supporting the Development phase of both Moon Drake Series, in 2022, and Sacajawea

the Windcatcher, in 2023.

So many doors have opened since our relationship was formed. So many synergies and circumstances that can only be attributed to spiritual guidance, have been revealed. And so many people excited and truly blessed by the direction we are walking together have given their full and cherished support.

This is only the beginning. There are many projects and programs that are just around

the corner being developed and created in this moment. Every Broken Hand Productions’ project will “give-back” to PAZA, Tree of Life and other associated nonprofit companies, through their own nonprofit structure, Humanity Shines Organization.

We invite you to join us on this global, Indigenous, journey of love. There are many things you can do to help; please let us know if you’d like to learn more. What better way to live life, but to be a part of something greater than ourselves? Something that will connect us to the heart of Humanity – through the language of the Ages.

Current Broken Hand Productions projects associated with PAZA Tree of Life: 2022 - Moon Drake Anime Series for children, ages 8-13, draws together heroic Indigenous

characters from every Continent and presents storylines based on unique cultures and relevant environmental, human and spiritual issues we all face. The look and feel of the production use the popular anime technology children love, focusing on the power of diversity and respect for the earth… valuable lessons that help bring the world together.

2023 - Sacajawea, The Windcatcher, is a story that has never been told in a feature film, yet it is about a well-known icon of American history. Sacajawea's life, as an abused Indigenous Shoshoni girl in 1805, is relevant for today - for her courageous journey brings hope to women of all ages around the world. This project honors the proud heritage, traditions and languages of Native American people, which has fascinated other cultures for generations. Throughout this adventurous story, it is Sacajawea's infinite spirit that heralds a message of Truth and Love for all people of the earth, at a time - our time - when Truth and Love are greatly needed.

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